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 OBS - Kraftig reaksjon på 12-ukers vaksinen hos pinscher! - OBS

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Nina (Kennel Dijontoma)

Nina (Kennel Dijontoma)

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OBS - Kraftig reaksjon på 12-ukers vaksinen hos pinscher! - OBS Empty
PosteTema: OBS - Kraftig reaksjon på 12-ukers vaksinen hos pinscher! - OBS   OBS - Kraftig reaksjon på 12-ukers vaksinen hos pinscher! - OBS EmptyTir Aug 14 2012, 11:30

Viktig lesning!

Jeg har fått tillatelse av Anja til å dele hennes forferdelige opplevelse med en voldsomt kraftig reaksjon på 12-ukers vaksinen på en av hennes valper, kanskje man ved å dele denne kan redde flere valper om noen skulle være så uheldige å oppleve det samme!

Anbefalningene sier at man under ingen omstendigheter skal la veterinæren legge en valp med vaksinereaksjon i narkose, da dette kan ta livet av valpen, men når det er snakk om så forferdelig kraftige reaksjoner som denne de opplevde her, så viser det seg altså at dette kan redde valpen!! Det er da viktig å merke seg at det her er snakk om en valp som hadde kraftige anfallsliknende kramper over flere dager, altså ingen "normal" reaksjon, så dette vil fortsatt ikke være å anbefale før det kan anses som siste utvei for å prøve å redde valpen når ingen av de vanlige behandlingene virker!

(Det kan også være greit å merke seg at det også er registrert enkelte tilfeller med samme type reaksjon hos dvergpinscher, dog i et mye mindre omfang enn man ser hos pinscher, men det kan fortsatt være greit å ha dette i bakhodet dersom man skulle oppleve liknende symptomer på en DP ca 10 dager etter 12-ukers vaksinen, slik at man vet hva man bør gjøre!)

* * *

Here’s a story of vaccination reaction Ceriinan Tarina got from initial puppy vaccination (distemper). I hope her story will help others in case they ever get this horrible reaction.

Tari is a healthy strong puppy. She got her first puppy vaccination (distemper combination) at 12 weeks old. After 12 days (22.7.2012), she got symptoms. They were not typical first symptoms, like ones described in this kind or vaccination reaction. On Sunday evening 21:10 it started suddenly with no pre warning, she had subben convulions; cramping and screaming.

We drove to local vet on call. As it was Sunday evening, the drive was 20 minutes, seizure was on all the time and she went into shock. At the vet she received cortisone, vitamin-B, relaxant and intra venal fluids with no response. Only after heavy sedation she calmed down and this dramatic attack was on pause, so we could transfer her to the hospital. Her body temperature was normal 39◦C but pulse extremely high 180 – 200. We were referred then to the University Animal Hospital and we left to drive there 23:30. Tari was under strong sedation and had IV-line where we were instructed to give a new dose in case the fit would start before we get to the hospital.

At the hospital there was several severe cases and we had to wait. While waiting she woke up and seizure started again and we gave her a new dose of sedation. Tari was admitted 1:40. We were told that her body temperature had dropped to severe level, only 34,7◦C. Her heart sound were normal, breathing sounds slightly emphatic, pulse still 130, distal pulse weak. First aid was to warm her up (external and warm IV-fluids). As she woke up from the sedation, fit started again. For about half an hour she was screaming, did not come into contact, were trotting, urinated and were trying to bite (unintentionally).
Anti- epileptic medication did not affect, fit ended only when Tari was anaesthetized and sedated. Tari was admitted to Intensive Care Unit. All kind of blood tests were made, they did not find anything abnormal to explain this seizure / convulsion/ fit.

She was kept in profoli-anaesthesia and they were trying to wake her on Monday afternoon, but she started cramping again and was restless, so they had to continue to keep her under anesthesia. During anesthesia she had respiratory tube (was ventilated) to minimize risk of aspiration. They were monitoring all vital signs (blood pressure and oxygen content, pulse and temperature) and depth of sleep / sedation. Her position was changed frequently (to avoid bed sores) and she urinated with manual assistance. She got small corneal wound even she was given eye moisturizing drops frequently (might have happened in initial stage also).

On Tuesday morning her prognosis did not look good at all. We were given option to send her to the final journey or take her to another clinic for MRI and spinal fluid test to see there is something in the cerebrum or infection seen in spinal fluid (such as meningitis) to help us make the decision to continue /discontinue intensive care. We tried to organize tests. We called back to ICU and were told that while we were organizing these tests they had tried to wake her up – and a miracle happened! She woke up without convulsion symptoms. She came in eye contact and wagged her tail! They offered her some food to see how she reacts and she ate it all! She was able to move (wobbly) and went out for pee and poo.

Later that day we got a phone call to come and get her home as she needed company! At home we covered floors with carpets to prevent her from slipping as her movements were still unstable and to cushion in case she fell. We had to monitor her 24 / 7. Her appetite was huge, due to medication, and she had learned to demand for food. Cortisone made her thirsty and naturally fluids also came out frequently. So our carpets had spots…

I wish to bring to the attention to all of you that if your puppy gets this kind of reaction and initial medication and shock treatments does not help, anesthesia is the only chance to try to save your dog.
(I know that in Swedish Pincher club web pages it tells otherwise). Vet who treated Tari told us that cramping has to be stopped as soon as possible, by any means available, if cramping continues very long, dog will die for that for 100% sure.

Now 3 weeks have passed and she is again happy little (wild) puppy girl like she was before. Some regression happened during this incidence and she forgot things she had just learned before. Luckily there is no sign of brain damage or any other neurological symptoms and she seems to be able to learn new things.

Prior to this horrifying experience, I had never heard about this strong vaccination reaction that it would have not ended with initial medication that has been instructed in Finnish Pincher Club’s puppy guide.
I know Tari’s motherline all the way from Ceriinan Negrita to Adel Dark Diamette (5 generations) and none of their pups have had any vaccination symptoms. There has been some rare cases with mild symptoms in my other litters.

I hope shearing this experience will help someone else, but I sincerely hope that this will never happen to anyone else, anywhere in the world. We were blessed to get our little girl back.

Anja Nikkonen,
Kennel Ceriinan

* * *

-Kennel Dijontoma -
Nina, Jonas, Otto, Emma og Issi (Nuch Rattenjäger Jolly Junior, NUch SeUch DkUch NordUch AD Gangland Wolfrider's Bearclaw, NUch SeUch DkUch NordUch C.I.B. Dark Angels Nisha Nordic Spirit & Isis Nordic Princess King Black)

OBS - Kraftig reaksjon på 12-ukers vaksinen hos pinscher! - OBS FB-2
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OBS - Kraftig reaksjon på 12-ukers vaksinen hos pinscher! - OBS
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